Sell Your Junk Car In 3 Easy Steps

Sell Your Old Truck or SUV to Pull-A-Part in Jackson, MS

If your broken down SUV or petered-out pickup truck has been sitting in your driveway for months, it’s time to face the facts: you need to get rid of that thing. At Pull-A-Part in Jackson, MS, you can receive a same-day offer for your used truck or SUV! Simply fill out our online form or give us a call.

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How to Sell Your Junk Truck in Jackson, MS

Jerky ride? Peeling paint? Your trusty truck may not be in tip-top shape anymore, but there’s still value in its parts. At your local Pull-A-Part in Jackson, you can get cash for your junk truck or aging pickup. Our line of work involves buying junk trucks of every make and model in Jackson, no matter what kind of condition they're in. Four-cylinders, diesel truck, heavy-duty truck, supercab, dually — we want it all. It doesn’t make a difference whether you wore out your brakes pulling something beyond your towing capacity, or your dented truck is rusted past the point of no return. Apart from vehicles that have been damaged by flood or fire, we’ll provide an instant cash quote for your pickup in Jackson and even remove it from your property for free! Discover how much your old truck may be worth by dialing your local Pull-A-Part in Jackson or submitting a short form online. After you provide some information about your truck, you’ll have a fast cash offer. Get paid for your junk truck today!

Sell Your Junk SUV in Jackson, MS

Is it time to retire the worn out SUV in your driveway? Don’t hold onto your paint-peeled, dented bumper, unwanted SUV — sell it for cash! Pull-A-Part in Jackson provides cash for your junk SUV no matter its condition. Instead of taking up room in your yard or paying to store an unwanted vehicle, see how much cash you could get when you sell it. After all, your SUV may be junk to you, but its parts actually hold value. Start with an easy and free quote from a team member at Pull-A-Part in Jackson. Once we land on an agreed-upon price, we’ll drive to your Jackson home and remove your vehicle. There's no towing fee! You’ll receive cash in hand right away. Call now to find out just how much your SUV is worth in Jackson. Call 866-999-3986 For A Free Quote

Pull-A-Part in Jackson, MS: How Does It Work?

Ready to get a cash offer for your old truck or SUV? Get a free, fast quote from our professional staff in Jackson. Simply provide a few details about the condition of your vehicle — plus its make, model, and year — and you’ll receive a quick, fair offer. Next, we’ll send a tow truck to pick up your old truck or SUV — for free! You don’t have to pay for removal. We take care of that cost for you. Upon arrival, you get a cash payout and we’ll haul away your old truck or SUV. Get paid for your old truck or junk SUV. Start the process by filling out an online form or call us.

What Does Pull-A-Part in Jackson Do With My Old Truck or SUV?

If it’s time for your vehicle and you to go your separate ways, you can look yourself in the mirror knowing full well that its parts will be recycled. Our mission at Pull-A-Part in Jackson, MS? We match gently used auto parts with people who need them! We own a giant inventory of used or damaged vehicles across the nation and our online directory helps customers pinpoint where the vehicle is located in our yard. After a person locates the right vehicle within our inventory, they can bring their own tools and and stop by our yard in Jackson to get the part(s) they need for their auto repair project. You can find pre-determined pricing before you visit by checking out our pricing section. Having visitors pull their own parts gives us the ability to share massive discounts to automotive enthusiasts and bigger cash payouts to awesome car sellers like you!

Learn About Selling Your Junk Car

Take the guessing out of how to sell your car to a junkyard near you.

Types of Junk Cars We Buy

We buy the cars the other guys don’t want! Sell your car no matter what it looks like or how it runs. And if your car doesn’t run, we’ll tow it — for free!

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